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See below for a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you can not find what you're looking for then please contact us either by phone or by email. Click here for our contact details.
My crane isn’t working, when will the engineer be attending site?
Please contact our service desk on 01362 821048
When will you be carrying out the crane service?
The schedule we have is 8 weekly and we will be in touch the week before to give site plenty of notice.
How long will the crane be down for during the scheduled maintenance?
we say around 3 hours depending upon the size/make/model and extent of the maintenance, but we will try to minimise downtime as much as possible.
Can you send me a copy of said report?
A copy of all service reports will be left on site, however should you require a copy of any documentation, please contact our service desk on 01362 821048 or email paperwork@falconcranes.co.uk
How long does it take to install a tower crane?
As an average, we allow 2-3 days for an installation operation, but this is not a guaranteed time scale as there are so many variables involved.
What is the wind off speed for the mobile crane erecting the tower crane?
9.8 metres per second at the working height of the mobile crane.
Which weather forecast do you use?
We utilise a specialist company for this that gives us the wind speed for the mobile crane at its working height.
How much notice is required to off-hire the tower crane?
A minimum of one weeks’ notice is required to off-hire the crane, however this does not guarantee a dismantle date. If a road closure is required, the notice period is the same as that required to effect the road closure.


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