How we help the environment

The past few months have seen Falcon really focus on the environment. We are keen to focus our efforts on educating not only ourselves but also our own employees and clients.

Going green is vital for many sectors but none more so than the construction industry. Statistics show that 10% of all carbon dioxide emissions are associated with the construction industry. This includes the manufacture and transportation of materials as well as the emissions created by the actual construction. Reducing our carbon footprint requires a number of changes and approaches covering a number of different issues.

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Going Solar

Over 115KWh of Solar Panels have been fitted to our main workshop, paint shop and fabrication workshop so far generating around 150MWh of electricity year on year. The energy produced accounts for 20% of our total usage of the Shipdham depot. Falcon are currently conducting a feasibility study into the energy produced to see the viability of battery storage for energy going back into the grid.
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Waste Management

Our recycling company Pips Skips do a wonderful job of keeping the waste from our yard to a minimum. They ensure that everything they collect from us goes through their own recycling center to make sure everything that can be recycled, gets recycled, meaning that 99% of our waste at Shipdham is put back into the system.
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ISO14001 Environmental Accreditation

ISO 14001:2015 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that we can use to enhance our environmental performance in a systematic manner that contributes to our sustainability of the business. The accreditation is overseen by QMS who audit us annual to ensure that we continue to meet the criteria of the management system, 14001 helps us improve Falcons reputation with our customers.
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Hybrid & Electric cars

Our electric cars currently account for about 33% of our own fleet. We aim to improve this in the coming months in order to improve energy efficiency and to improve our overall carbon footprint. We also have 2 charging points on-site that ensure our fleet are always charged and ready to go.
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ISO50001 Environmental Accreditation

To clearly demonstrate to our customers that Falcon is committed to reducing its environmental impact and establish industry best practices in energy efficiency, Falcon achieved ISO50001:2018. By improving our performance and reducing consumption we also help protect the environment and enhance our brand’s green credentials.

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Solvent Recycling

Since 2021 we have been recycling the solvents used in our paint shop. Benefits: VOC reduction 98% of solvent content recovery Cost saving Reduce the health and safety risk of waste solvents on-site. I am presuming that you are also covering the environment and sustainability with regard to the Hush pods and Northvolt on the power gen site and vehicle management on the freight site.