Shot Blast and Spray Booth

At Falcon we recognise the importance of having not just a strong product and a comprehensive service, but also an identifiable company image. With this in mind, we have invested in 2 shot blast booths and 5 spray booths across our depots in Shipdham and Manchester.




Shot Blast Booths

The shot blast booths use G12 iron grit which is recycled on a corkscrew system enabling us to use the grit for up to 200 operations - making this system very efficient and environmentally friendly. The system is accredited to achieving SA3 white metal standard.

Spray Booths

The spray booths are complete with the latest, state of the art, electro-static equipment and conventional HVLP painting equipment. This equipment enables us to reduce wastage and maintain a low VOC. The paint used is a marine based paint which has a high zinc phosphate content and is 100% lead free. Three of the booths are located in an old World War II aircraft hangar on Shipdham Airfield, which includes a 20t overhead rail mounted gantry crane and the other two are in our northern depot at Birch.

The Cranes

The advantages of offering respraying to our customers are two fold. The first and most important is for health and safety reasons. Any tower crane in our fleet can be shot blasted to its bare metal allowing our engineers to thoroughly inspect and carry out non-destructive testing (NDT) procedures on the structure before it is resprayed.

By adding layer upon layer of paint without shot blasting, the risk can increase of structural damage going unnoticed. The second benefit is the appearance of the finished product meaning that we can supply any tower crane in our fleet in our customers own livery. Once a machine has been through our booths, the result is an extremely high-grade product – perfect for any prestigious project.

What else can we do?

With the facilities Falcon have available, we can blast, repair and respray almost any piece of equipment. This includes construction equipment, heavy industrial plant, lifting accessories, site accommodation, containers and many, many more.