At Falcon Tower Crane Services Ltd, we believe that being thorough and safe is paramount. Every time a customer hires a crane from us or when we work with a customer's own crane, we do a complete site survey. Our trained inspectors, who are based all over the country, visit the site to see where the crane will be set up and how it will be used.
We look at where the crane will stand, advise on the ground's suitability, see what materials will be lifted, and look out for anything that could get in the way. We also check how easy it is to get to the site, and if any roads need to be closed or changed for the crane to be installed and operate safely.

We have the capability to utilise mobile cranes to ensure that we can efficiently install and dismantle cranes, and on the most challenging sites can also perform a full crane lift in/lift out procedure. We also have special tools and equipment, like the GAPO crane mover, to help set up and take down cranes.

If there's a problem or something in the way, our team will find a way to sort it out. 
With Falcon, the focus is on doing things right and efficiently.