With nearly 50 years’ experience within the lifting industry Falcon Tower Crane Services Ltd is the professional partner to safely plan and execute your lifting requirements, on time and on budget.



CPA (Crane Hire Only)

CPA Crane hire involves the hire of the crane only, the customer will be fully responsible for designating a competent, qualified appointed person to oversee, plan and manage the lift, ensuring that they have arranged the correct full insurance cover for the lifting operation

Contract Lifting (Fully Contracted)

When the lifting operation is taken on under a contract lift, we will take full control of the lift and will provide our own appointed person and insurance, ensuring compliance with all safety standards. We will conduct a site visit to determine how we can best help your lifting needs.


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Plan for everything

Our team of highly trained CPCS appointed personnel will carefully evaluate each lifting operation during their onsite visits and utilise their specialised expertise to ensure that the lift is carried out in a controlled, efficient, and safe manner whilst being fully compliant with the rigorous standards outlined in BS7121 (the safe use of cranes), and in accordance with the specific terms and conditions outlined in the CPA contract lift
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Safety First

At Falcon we take a safety first approach to all of our operations, meticulous planning and strategy goes into everything we do to help us get the best result every time.

Our team follows the latest safety procedures to ensure we are ahead of the curve when it comes to on site safety.

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Contact us

Contact us to find out how our elite team of Contract lifting specialists can help you make your lift a success, on 01362 821048