Many people recognise Falcon as a specialist in tower crane rental, but what many people don’t appreciate is how active Falcon is in the tower crane sales market.

With a dedicated division within the company specialising in this field, Falcon sell many new and second-hand tower cranes per year across the globe.

With experience in global shipping, letter of credits and customs documentation Falcon can offer a turnkey service to all potential clients. Current clients are in Chile, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam and Australia not to mention 16 other countries across Europe.

Our reputation for quality, price and good customer service leads to repeat orders with many of these customers.

UK customers

Closer to home, Falcon works with several UK based construction companies, which opt to purchase machines for their own fleets rather than hire. Falcon can provide the complete service package from, selling the tower crane, managing the erections and dismantlings, maintenance, repair and storage.Flexible agreements are tailored to suit every customers’ needs and requirements.

The advantage to the rental fleet

One of Falcon’s key strategies is the modernisation of its fleet and with over 400 tower cranes, the average age is just 5.6 years and dropping, with the target to achieve under 5 years.

The export division complements this strategy with the sale of older machines to countries where age stipulations are not so important. This leads the way for newer models with modern designs and new technologies to enter the fleet.